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A Fairy Menu Tasting at 8 ½ Otto E Mezzo Bombana Restaurant, Hong Kong.

Yesterday I introduced you to Chef Bombana, and today I am going to explain you the astounding menu tasting I had at his Three Michelin Star awarded restaurant.

Chef Bombana is adorable and the team is very professional, kind, elegant and smiling. Thanks to all for taking care of me!.

I had a private table, so it was perfect for my chat with Chef Bombana.


The restaurant is located in the heart of Central in the classy Alexandra House, second floor. The name is a tribute to his favourite Italian film director Federico Fellini´s. The Restaurant became the first and only  Three Michelin Stars Italian restaurant outside Italy and one of the 50 Best Restaurants in the world.

With a large main dining room and two private dining rooms, also a cozy lounge and bar area with wooden decorations and soft illuminations.












After looking around! let´s start!


Bread And Oil Symphony

Mr. Bombana made something new and special just for me,

Warm Lobster Salad Autum Vegetables Confit

Iberico Ham And Alba With Truffle

Rossj-Bass, Angelo Gaja 2011


The huge truffle had a delightful aroma that transported me to the Tuscany for a few minutes. Simply delicious.



Homemade Cavatelli

Shellfish Ragout And Zucchini Flower





Homemade Tagliolini

Butter, Parmesan And Alba With Truffle

Barolo “Carobric”, Paolo Scavino 2000


With a big sweet smile, white gloves and the white truffle Mr. Bombana said to me: “ We try to keep the Italian essence” ”“ Mr. Bombana, believe me, I felt like in Italy!. Aroma, taste, smell, passion, elegance, freshness, countryside, nature! everything pointing on the same direction: Italy.











Veal Chop

Crispy “Milanese” Style, Sicilian Tomato And Oregano Salad



This is what people are looking for, astonishing.


Hazelnut Chocolate Bar

Orange Ricotta Ice Cream, Sacher Biscuit


Sorry I don´t have a picture for the dessert! I was so exited with our conversation and I let go the time immerse with the chocolate, the wine, the atmosphere, the relaxing music and Mr. Bombana histories… I have eaten all! 😉


During the meal I felt like a real princess – How are you? How is Hong Kong treating you? Is there anything we could do for you? Is everything OK? Do you need anything else?… ”“ Adorable, isn´t it?.

I have to say that Otto E Mezzo Bombana have more than three Michelin stars, they have my magic wand so, one more star, Mr. Bombana, another huge star, and all the PR staff and the staff working at the restaurant! so they have the sky!

My magic wand with the awards!

Hard working, passion and sensibility make the restaurant a must experience!.

Thanks again to all the team who make one of my dreams come true!.

After that, I went to visit the Big Buddha… I think I was a small Buddha too…;)



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A lunch with Chef Umberto Bombana, Three Michelin Stars. Restaurant 8 1/2 Otto E Mezzo Bombana, Hong Kong.
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